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Roman Coins Mints

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Official Roman Mints with most common mintmarks, many variations of these marks are known. Please note that some mints like Colonia Agrippina do not present any mint marks
[*]Alexandria ALE
[*]Antiochia  ANT
[*]Arleate  AR, KONOB
[*]Ambianum AMB
[*]Aquilea AQ
[*]Camulodunum C
[*]Colonia Agrippina 
[*]Constantinopolis  CON, COS
[*]Heraclea HERACL
[*]Karthago KAR
[*]Kyzicus  KYZ
[*]Londinum LON, PLN, ML
[*]Lugdunum  LUG
[*]Mediolanum M-D
[*]Nikomedia SMN
[*]Ostia  OST
[*]Ravenna  R-V
[*]Roma  RBS
[*]Serdica   SER, SMSD
[*]Sirmium  SIRM
[*]Siscia SIS
[*]Thessalonica  TES
[*]Ticinium  TT , PT
[*]Treverorum  TR, PTR, TROB

Some examples of official Roman mints with fotos below:
Alexandria, ALE

Ambianum, AMB

Antiochia, 5th officin,  ANTE

Arleate (Arles), A R   KONOB

Aquilea, AQ 

Camulodunum, C

Carthage,  KART,

Colonia Agrippina, (Köln in Germany), no specific mintmark, but Victorinus is thought to have minted this coin at this city

Constantinopolis, CONOB

Heraclea, H, HER

Kyzikus,  M K Delta

Londinum, LON

Lugdunum LVGPS

Mediolanum, M D  COM

MD PS  = "Pure Silver" from Mediolanum
Nikomedia, SMN

Ostia,  OST 

Ravenna, R V COMOB

Rome,  R M   COMOB

Rotomagus, known for this type under Carausius

Serdica, SD

Sirmium, SIRM

Siscia, SIS

Thessalonica, 5th officina, SMTSE (Sacra Moneta TS E)
TES for Thessalonica
Ticinum, TT

Treveri, TROB  (pure Gold from Trier, Germany)

TR = Trier


Ancient LocationModern LocationMint MarksNotes
AlexandriaEgypt AL, ALE, ALEX, SMALca 294 C.E. - until closed by Leo I
AmbianumAmiens, FranceAMB, AMBI350 - 353 C.E.
Antioch/Antiochia Antakiyah, Syria AN, ANT, ANTOB, SMAN closed under Leo I 
Aquileia Aquileia, Italy  AQ, AQVI, AQVIL, AQOB, AQPS, SMAQ @ 294 - 425 C.E. 
Arelatum/Constantina Arles, France  A, AR, ARL, CON, CONST, KON, KONSTAN 313 - 475 C.E. 
Barcino Barcelona, Spain  BA, SMBA 409 - 411 C.E. - Constantine III 
Caesarea Philippi Banias, Israel  None Augustus to Civil Wars of 69.  
Camulodunum Colchester, England  C, CL 287 - 296 C.E. - Carausius & Allectus 
Carthage/Carthago (near) Tunis, North Africa  K, KAR, KART, PK 296 - 307 C.E. and 308 - 311 C.E. 
Cherson NW of Odessa, Ukraine  CON 402(?) - ? C.E. 
Clausentum Bitterne, England  C, CL 293-296 C.E. - Allectus 
Constantinopolis Istanbul, Turkey  C, CP, CON, CONS, CONSP, CONOB 326 - ??? C.E. 
Cyzicus Kapu Dagh, Turkey  CVZ, CVZIC, CYZ, CYZIC, K, KV, KVZ, KY, SMK Closed under Leo I 
Emesa Syria   Macrianus 260-261 C.E.
Heraclea Eregli, Turkey  H, HER, HERAC, HERACI, HERACL, HT, SMH @ 291 C.E. - until closed by Leo I 
Londinium London, England  L, LI, LN, LON, ML, MLL. MLN, MSL, PLN, PLON, AVG, AVGOB, AVGPS 287 - 325 C.E. and 383 - 388 C.E. 
Lugdunum Lyons, France  LD, LG, LVG, LVGD, LVGPS, PLG closed @ 423 C.E. 
Mediolanum Milan, Italy  MD, MDOB, MDPS, MED @ 364 - 475 C.E. 
Moguntiacum Mainz, Germany   Laelianus 268 C.E. 
Nicomedia Izmit, Turkey  MN, N, NIC, NICO, NIK, SMN @ 294 C.E. - until
closed under Leo I 
Ostia Port of Rome, Italy  MOST, OST 308 - 313 C.E. 
Ravenna Ravenna, Italy  RAV, RV, RVPS @ 5th century - @ 475 C.E. 
Rome Rome, Italy  R, RM, ROM, ROMA, ROMOB  closed 476 C.E. 
Serdica Sophia, Bulgaria  SD, SER, SERD, SMSD 303 - 308 C.E. and 313 - 314 C.E. 
Sirmium near Mitrovica, Yugoslavia  SIR, SIRM, SM, SIROB 320 - 326 C.E. and  351 - 364 C.E. and  379 C.E. and  393 - 395 C.E. 
Siscia Sisak, Croatia  S, SIS, SISC, SISCPS closed @ 387 C.E. 
Thessalonica Salonika, Greece  COM, COMOB, SMTS, TH, THS, THES, THSOB, TE, TES, TESOB, TH, TS, OES @ 298 C.E. - until 
closed by Leo I 
Ticinum Pavia, Italy  closed 326 C.E. 
Treveri Trier, Germany  SMTR, TR, TRE, TROB, TRPS @ 291 - 430 C.E.
Viminacium Kostolac, Yugoslavia   Valerian @ 253 - 260 C.E.
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